The decision to create Maps World gave in early 1994, and was at the moment an important part of a career and professional founder’s project. Perceived as concluded its trajectory and its dedicated time to the career in a great publishing company, the constitution of that was presented as the alternative most challenging, and therefore the most demanding amongst all those that could be glimpsed in that circumstance.

Ten years passed - since that moment of decision.

Since then we construct our history based on the conviviality with innumerable customers with whom we learn that we were capable of, together, create alternatives and solutions for the difficulties for which they searched our aid. It has been always this way in Maps World. We never considered solutions or ways for our customers who have not been born of our acquaintance and ours lend understanding of the meaning of the difficulties and the necessities that placed together and each one of our customers in a relationship nothing impartial or ruled by the given neutrality that empathic relations cannot be neutral or impartial.

We have reaffirmed to each new project, meeting or meeting again with a customer, our commitment of partnership, to make possible to weave each step and solution together. In such a way, we look for deliver to each one of them something perceived as innovative.
We constitute a company in which we keep live the intention that made it born; the possibility of the research, the study, the reflection and the encouragement of one to know comprehensive, to use the language of the German philosopher Martin Heideggard, on the behavior of the enterprise organizations and the people who work them. It’s born of the acquaintance, the privacy, the ethical look that doesn’t judges, presumes and doesn’t estimate. This is weaved in the constant exercise of the courage to dare to oppose itself what is rank as truth and to search new ways and alternatives or to refuse the repetition of the xeroxed and notarized considering the reflection on the contrary of the use of solutions daily pay-formatted proper of the instrumental thought. The joy and the passion for what we make and the modesty that rules our behavior in them give the accurate dimension of our limitations and our necessity to always learn.

We kept faithful to our original intention. We made a company where each project is as a workmanship of workmanship that, a concluded time, we have always had pleasure in presenting, contemplating, to use and to transform, if necessary. To create these workmanships we land the Greeks its spectacular mystic production. There we find perfect metaphors for the subjects which we work. They facilitate our dialogues and to understand concepts for difficult times at the same time that they establish in our customers a climate of essential curiosity and enchantment for the understanding of the things of the same world and of itself. The beauty and the mystery of myths in have helped them to ahead place same people of itself without the same fear that so usually separates them of itself and of its possibilities. By the philosophers we have taken loaned to the depth and the severity of its reflection on the world and, of the musicians, writers, painters, sculptors and geographers the beauty of its apprehension and the pictures that make of the world. In all them we find examples and the guides for our task feel-think-produce something that help to transform the work life in something beyond the cold bureaucracy and the necessary and basic goals to the survival of the business. Something that makes sensible in the life of those that with us they coexist in this “so delicate” relationship of the publishing rendering of services, and something that assists them to mediate its natural conflicts and daily taxes for a life of so scarce time. Something that, finally, assists them to find or to construct in its professional lives situations that make to be valid the penalty the time, the expended energy and the effort in the passage that its projects concretion of and its choice tread in.

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